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Minister of Education and Administration


Frequently Asked Questions
About a New Minister of Education and Administration

In a special called business meeting on December 19, our Personnel Committee will recommend a new ministry position: A Minister of Education and Administration. The best way to learn about the position is to attend the meeting where the recommendation will be presented. Join us on December 19, 6:00pm, in Room A-161 in the Adult Wing. But here are answers to some questions you may have.


Shouldn’t we be looking for a Minister of Music first?

We will be doing a special churchwide project at the start of 2019 that will get us ready for our search for a Music Minister. We have divided the church into 18 “Deacon Family Groups” and for nine weeks Pastor Tom will meet with every Deacon Family Group, two each week. The main topic for the meeting is music ministry. We believe that the information you are given—and the information we get from you—will prepare us to begin searching for a Music Minister after Easter. 

So, while our church is involved in the Deacon Family Groups meetings, our Personnel Committee will be in a search for a Minister of Education and Administration. We believe we can complete this task and have a candidate in front of the church by Easter. 


What will a “Minister of Education and Administration” Be Responsible For? 

We will distribute the job description at the business meeting, but you can find it by clicking here. The new minister will have three areas of responsibility: (1) Create Adult Discipleship Opportunities, (2) Supervise the Leaders for Children and Youth Discipleship Programs, and (3) Administer the Resources of the Church. 

As to the first responsibility, the new minister will finally give us a chance to replace Herb Ingram, who retired as our Minister of Education five years ago. As to the other two responsibilities, they will be addressed in the answers below. 


Shouldn’t we be looking for a Youth Minister first? 

Since our Minister of Education and Administration will be responsible to supervise the leadership of our children’s ministry and our youth ministry, it makes sense for him or her to lead the search for the person to fill our open position of Youth Minister. In the meantime, we are so grateful for John Cameron serving as our interim Youth Minister. He has the youth calendar planned through August 2019. 


How does this new position impact Gene Chappell? 

Gene Chappell is currently serving as our Minister of Administration and Senior Adults. When we hire a new Minister of Education and Administration, Gene will use the remainder of 2019 to transition his administrative responsibilities to the new Minister. You may remember we did something similar when we brought on Michael Slaughter. He was Gene’s associate for a year before becoming our Minister of Music. At the end of 2019, Gene will retire from full-time ministry, and our hope is for him to stay on as our part-time Senior Adult Minister. 


Can we afford this? 

The church’s bylaws require that any recommendation from the Personnel Committee for a new staff position be sent to the Finance Committee so this question can be addressed. This has been done. For 2019, we will not be hiring a new youth minister or a new music minister until deeper into the year, and this will allow us to bring on a Minister of Education and Administration with no increase to the personnel costs. For 2020, much of the salary that we were providing for a Minister of Administration and Senior Adults will be transferred to the new position upon Gene’s retirement from full-time ministry. So, in 2020 there should be very little increase, if any, to the personnel costs.