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BGR Bucket Project

Thousands in southern Africa die each year from sicknesses like AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, malaria and other life ending diseases, and often the only care they will receive is at home. Missionaries and nationals connected with our International Mission Board want to minister to family caregivers in these homes. Assembling a Hospice Kit with Baptist Global Response (BGR) is a way to help people help people help people.

Here's your challenge: Pack at least one BGR Hospice Kit and bring it to Hillcrest by Sunday, August 27. Buckets containing all the instructions can be picked up in the Worship Center between June 25 and July 9. You can participate as an individual, as a family, or as a Hillcrest Life Group. Our field partners in Africa will distribute the buckets in a way that gives dignity and hope to each family receiving a kit.

We’re asking you to do four things: (We will have print copies of these documents at Hillcrest as well.)

  1. Starting on Kickoff Sunday, June 25, take an empty bucket from the front of the Worship Center.
  2. Purchase the products from the shopping list (click here). Cost: less than $100. 
  3. Pack the bucket(s) according to the BGR instructions (click here).
  4. Pray for those who will receive your bucket(s). (Click here for a prayer guide.  See Day 26)
  5. Bring the bucket(s) to church and add to the growing collection on stage.

This year, we at Hillcrest want to provide 100 kits to help Sub-Saharan families in need. That means 100 people will be touched. 

NOTE: If you still want to help contribute to making a BGR Bucket but cannot go out and shop, you can enclose up to $95 in your offering envelope on Sunday and mark it “BGR Bucket.” We will take care of the shopping and packing for you! Thank you for making a difference!




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