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Minister of Music Search


Hillcrest Church is looking for a Minister of Music. This is a full-time position. Hillcrest is located in Austin, Texas, just eight miles north of downtown. The congregation’s average attendance is 350, with sixty paid and volunteer workers in the music ministry. The congregation expects a wide variety of musical styles, from choral presentations and a full orchestra to band-driven contemporary worship music. Hillcrest is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, and subscribes to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. The congregation is predominately Anglo, with a good representation of other races and nationalities. We are looking for a Minister of Music with a love for God, a passion for introducing the faith to nonbelievers, and a dedication to engaging younger generations in life-transforming worship. The Minister must have the energy and organizational skills required to engage a large number of volunteers in music ministry, and the Minister must have the creativity and relational skills required to turn attendees into active participants in worship. 

Minimum Education Required:  Music Degree (Bachelor’s or Master's)         

Qualifications/Experience Preferred but Not Required: Ten years of Christian ministry experience, and a background in worship media production (such as broadcasting or streaming worship services, or producing audio recordings). 

Salary: Amount approved in budget, relative to the candidate’s training and experience. Additionally, a mobile phone plan is provided, as well as health and disability insurance, and retirement benefits.           

The Minister has the following responsibilities: 

Oversee the Music and Media Ministries 

The Minister will choose the music for Sunday worship services and prepare the paid and volunteer workers to perform this music. The Minister will be a resource for other church programs that require music and media, such as funerals and training events. The Minister will prepare, or supervise the preparation of, the stage, lighting, instruments, and sound equipment for these presentations. The Minister will supervise the streaming service and the archiving of the services online. The Minister will recommend repairs, new purchases, and renovation to the music and media ministries. Unless explicitly assigned to another staff member, the purchase and maintenance of musical instruments, sound and light equipment, and other media equipment, will be the responsibility of the Minister of Music in coordination with the church administrator. 

Provide Worship Opportunities Across the Generations 

The Minister will plan the Sunday services with all generations in mind, with a special commitment to providing for the future of the church by engaging younger generations in Sunday worship. The Minister will evaluate music training opportunities for all ages—children, youth, adults, and senior adults—and make recommendations for improving these opportunities. Some of these programs will require the Minister’s direct involvement, while the Minister will simply need to be a resource for other programs. 

Fellowship and Outreach 

The Minister will be responsible for leading or supervising music programming that builds our church’s fellowship and assists our church’s outreach. For example, the Minister may be expected to provide the music for a church banquet or lead a music training workshop designed to reach children and students in our community.

To apply for this position, please your resume.