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The "What's After" Campaign Continues

In our modern age of medicine one in twenty-five people have been pronounced clinically dead and yet were resuscitated. More intriguing is what these “after-death-experiences” reveal about the next life. It’s a global phenomenon with an increasing volume of scientific research validating the existence of life after life.

"What About Hell?"
Wednesday, May 27th Study, 7:00pm via Zoom
Using Zoom, we’ll watch the video together online and then the panel will discuss it along with any of your questions and chat comments. A free and simple registration is required. 

Click Here to register for the Wednesdays at 7:00 pm Panel Discussion


April 19 - Evidence for the Afterlife

April 26 - Relationships in Heaven

May 3 - The Highlight of Heaven



May 13 - The Beauty of Heaven

May 20 - The Life Review

May 27 - What About Hellish Experiences?


What's After Discussion Panel

Along with the sermon series, Hillcrest will be hosting weekly webinars in which Pastor Tom will lead a panel discussion on the sermon topic. The panel discussion is open to anyone but registration is required. Click on the link below to register.

Click Here to register for the Wednesdays at 7:00 pm Panel Discussion

The webinar will be hosted through Zoom. Software and/or app downloads may be required. A Q&A session will be facilitated through the online chat feature. Only panelists' audio and video will be shown online.


What's After? Austin Area Campaign

The human soul is naturally designed to be curious, longing to understand our place in the story of the universe. What’s After ATX is a diverse and creative place to seek answers, information, and experiences to satisfy these deeply ingrained soul curiosities focused directly on the newly scientifically supported evidence of life after death.

Our purpose is to empower both individuals and groups to explore the important questions about life and spirituality through immersive media and intuitive technology. Our rich content and suite of practical tools will be available to both churches and individuals.

What’s After ATX is a campaign conceived and organized by Christ Together Greater Austin (501c3) that previously executed the successful Love Where You Live and Explore God city-wide campaigns. The funding comes from private donations and some churches.

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