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What's After?

What do you know about “Near Death Experiences”?

In the Spring 2020, churches in Austin will join together on a campaign called “What’s After?” We hope to create a citywide discussion about Near Death Experiences and what clues they might give us about what’s after life.

John Burke’s book, What’s After Life, will get you ready for this unique Austin experience. Do four things with the book:

Read It
Get familiar with the research on Near Death Experiences.

Release It
Give away your copy to someone so you can discuss it with them.

Report It
We want to know about the conversations you’re having.
Send us a note.

Repeat It
Don’t just have one conversation with one person. Once you’ve given away your copy, get some more to give away. You can purchase additional copies Sunday after Worship Service in the MPC at the Connections Table for $3.
You can also purchase them during the  week at our church office Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-4:30pm.